Value Travel and Tours is a full service travel agency that focuses on one solid ethos; to provide such perfect travel arrangements, tours, and services to its primary destinations, that ultimately it's guests become so involved in 'the now' that they 'put down their digital devices and embrace a perfectly planned digital detox vacation'. 

"The health benefits of a digital detox vacation are uncountable," says our founder Dr. Edward Oliver, who more often than not recommends digital detox vacations as an alternative holistic treatment for his patients. "Generally," he says, "since stress and anxiety are the root causes of most every chronic illness, getting away from it all and into areas in the world where one is less inclined to turn on their digital devices is enormously appealing and beneficial to ones health and wellness."

Under the leadership and guidance of Dr. Oliver, the team at Value Travel and Tours, with their 6 + decades of travel planning experience, have created a series of small group tours and safaris which operate on a scheduled basis into areas of the world where our guests are encouraged to spend more time immersing themselves in their surroundings and local cultures, as opposed to frantically searching for a wi-fi connection. "I feel that [looking up] encourages change," says Oliver who recommends that our guests take time to interact with one another face-to-face.

Don't you think it's time for you to take a well deserved digital detox vacation? 

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Our Mission

If we can make you feel homesick
for a place we’ve sent you to
which isn’t your home

Then we will have done our job properly

Mission Accomplished 

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