Once you are ready to make your reservation, call us on (201) 882-8443.  

We're here to help you sort through the paper work.

If it is more convenient for you, you're welcome to email us on contact@valuetravelandtours requesting a call back for assistance during our regular office hours. 


Which journey are you taking?

What is your intended date of departure?

How many persons are in your traveling party?

(based on this answer, we will proceed with requested rooming configuration, ages (if under 18 years of age, etc.)

Have you read and fully understood our Terms and Conditions of doing business?

Does every person in your traveling parry carry a valid passport? (passports should be valid for 6-months AFTER the end of your intended journey). Please be ready to scan / photograph the personal particulars page(s) of your passport(s) to email to us. It is vitally important that all information is 100% accurate. 

Are you ready to make your payment? (whichever applies; Deposit, Final Payment)

Are you ready to proceed to purchase your personal travel insurance and will you be using Travelex Travel Insurance or another provider? Please not that we will require a legible copy of your personal travel insurance policy to add to your file within 7 business days of making your reservation. 

Next Step(s)

Once we have captured all of the relevant information that we require to secure your reservation, we will process your reservation with our office in whichever destination(s) you will be visiting.

A complete confirmation generally takes 24 - 48 hours to get back to us (slightly longer at the weekend and also from the Muslim world). Once received though, we advise you verbally and then in writing. At that time your payment (whichever applies; Deposit, Final Payment) becomes due and we request that you commence with your personal travel insurance policy.

Once you have completed that step of the reservations process and send us a copy of the policy together with the personal particulars page(s) of your valid passport(s) electronically, we will put your documents in queue to begin generating for distribution to yourself.